About Brew Nation

Introducing Brew Nation. Four friends from Hampshire united by a shared love of good beer and cracking company.


Brings to the party: Logistics for an awesome party
Top tipple: Ratsherrn Brewery’s Coast Guard IPA
An extra drop about him: Holds the UK speed record for gazebo erection


Brings to the party: An eye for detail
Top tipple: Triple FFF’s  Moondance
An extra drop about him: Difficult to find something he hasn’t engineered


Brings to the party: Knows something about everything
Top tipple: Darkstar’s Hophead 
An extra drop about him: Is hunting for  a woodland if anyone has a spare one


Brings to the party: Service with a smile
Top tipple: Darkstar’s APA
An extra drop: Dreams of beer whilst cycling and cycling whilst beering