Episode 41

Three is the magic number this episode! Just three brothers are present to taste the elusive beers provided by listener #3 Harriet. Plus we run out of things to say and have to resort to the internet to pick three random things to talk about.

Episode 40

As we reach our landmark episode we finally get round to matching beers, including a little fruity number, with our random crisps. We also draw our first spectacular mega beer box winner from among our many thousand listeners!!

Episode 39

As this show is probably the best show in the world, we test what was the best beer in the world. We then try a much better beer and reminisce about times when we bothered famous people.

Episode 38

This week we are imposing ourselves on some poor people trying to quietly enjoy a beer festival. On stage we review our debut beer creation, interview the wonderful Langham brewery and play an audience participation game as things start getting messy!

Episode 37

We gather post Easter with a beery quiz with the best presenter definitely winning. We also preview the upcoming beer festival and try beers so obscure you are unlikely to ever get to taste yourself. It’s basically poor public service broadcasting!

Episode 36

Brew Nation collabs with its equally as successful brother Brewdog in this cult episode. Patrick and Ben recount tales from their recent trip, including a star interview with Brewdog co-founder James Watt

Episode 35

Thats right, Langhams Brewery have been kind (mad) enough to let us loose on their test brew kit to develop a conceptual Black Forest Gateaux inspired Porter!! Join us as we talk through the brewing process and our genius receipe decision making…

Episode 34

In this episode, some smoking hot interviews at Big Smoke’s new brewery. Back in the studio we tuck into their beer whilst reading their newspaper and literally wearing their t-shirts. We are also promised free gin…..!!!

Episode 33

For months, Chris has been planning a secret beer trip for the boys – will they need passports? Will Tom get sold to local indigenous tribesmen? What does it all mean? Does anyone care?!? Tune in to find out the answer to all these questions and more….!

Episode 32

This week’s consumer advice focuses on buying beer on the way home. We also look ahead to our upcoming road trip and offer all listeners the once in a lifetime opportunity of being labelled as a number! Cheers!

Episode 31

This week we feature the face off currently dividing Europe. Will Cornwall conquer Berlin? We also eat a snack and have a feature about snacks.

Episode 30

We break into Paddy’s house whilst he haunts us from Germany. We pay tribute to his ghost with some starkly different wheat beers. We also crow about how we are now actually semi-popular

Episode 29

There’s blind panic in the studio as Ben tests the boy’s taste buds. Tom also becomes Alan Partridge’s apprentice and Patrick pulls out the stats that shows that Dom the landlord is the worst landlord!

Episode 28

We have scoured the earth and return with our beers selected from the ‘bible’ in Ep14. We get giggly with excitement as a beer storms to the top of our league table. Oh, and we climax with a shocking revelation from Chris.

Episode 27

We travel across Hampshire to see Marielle; a lovely landlady and friend of the pod, in her beautiful English pub. We have a chat over a pork scratching and are taken for a special tour of the cellar! Check them out at www.the3tunsromsey.co.uk

Episode 26

Chris returns to quarterback the greatest show on earth in our Super Bowl pre-show. We criss-cross the USA, reviewing Californian and New England beers. We also throw in valuable consumer advice if you happen to stumble into Bristol on a stag do. Go Rams

Episode 25

International business buys historical English brand = awful news or awesome news? We speak to three distinguished guests about Fullers brewery being sold to Asahi. We now modestly believe we are fantastic journalists!!

Episode 24

In this episode, Ben is in Vegas so we have substituted him for Rab Young who owns a pop-up Whisky Bar. Rab takes us on a single malt journey, pairing each Whisky with a complimentary beer which is nothing short of an absolute revelation! Sláinte

Episode 23

‘EU’ will love this episode! Ben takes us on a tour of his spiritual home, Hamburg. We rewind to 1516 to discover the roots of German beer and taste some brilliant new ‘kraft’ beers!!

Episode 22

There’s a Doctor in Patrick’s house! Dr Chris gives us a 10 minute appointment on the benefits and ills of drinking beer. It emboldens us to share a drink with our friends, so we do; tasting two British beers found in supermarkets.

Episode 21

It’s our Betwixtmas special. We proudly present our highly sought after 2018 awards, whilst tucking into some great beers from The Emsworth Brewhouse.

Half Pint – Episode 4

Happy New Year dear listeners. We start the year with some resolutions but find that we are late to the party trying Northern Monk; a northern powerhouse that is new to our southern tastebuds.

Half Pint – Episode 3

In this episode we reminisce about rural England as we sup Sussex Gold and Ben makes an impulsive decision to attend Brewdog’s AGM.

Half Pint – Episode 2

In this mini episode Patrick is reprimanded by his parents, we try Wales’ Loka Polly and we hear how the beer advent calenders stack up on a hangover

Half Pint – Episode 1

It’s our first half pint episode with a lot packed into such a small vessel. Ben exhibits a museum piece and Paddy coughs up a Bush.

Episode 20

Old. Peculiar. No, not Chris; it’s the classic ale that we review alongside an ultra modern APA from the West Country. Ben also dabbles in consumer advice and almost drops a baby.

Episode 19

It’s all smoky, husky and sour in the studio this week as the boys taste buds get a beating. We also further damage Chris’ ego and surface Tom’s criminal past. We have him over a barrel.

Episode 18

A top class venue? Check. A live audience of adoring fans? Check. Large quantities of thumbs? Check. Beers for everyone. Chug. It’s the Brew Nation Podcast Live!!!

Episode 17

In this episode the boys hook up with Tom’s brother who moved to Canada and unearthed an awesome beer scene! We are treated to a 3 course dinner of Canadian beers, which *spoiler alert* turn out to be some of the highest rated beers yet on this podcast!

Episode 16

Ciao! In this episode we go all Italiano, with knockout beer reviews of special edition Birra Moretti from different regions of Italy. Things get elemental as we discuss our experiences of both fire and water. All whilst recording a man down in a new venue!

Episode 15

In this episode we travel to Winchester to interview Andy at his Red Cat Brewing open day; and back in the studio we go dark for Halloween as we taste some stouts. Oh, and Chris is so desperate to not be forgotten that he hosts the show from the United States. Sad.

Episode 14

An interview with London based Solvay Society transports us to Belgium this week. We top and tail that interview with Chris setting the boys a beer related challenge and a passionate debate about wedding shoe etiquette.

Episode 13

We went downtown to Townhouse; one of our local haunts to be given a lesson by guest host and legendary landlord Dom. He takes us on a taste adventure of cans from across the South before fighting breaks out over our most controversial pub chat yet.

Episode 12

We are back as a full quartet to bring you an episode forged in the English countryside. Chris regales us with tales of the West Country before Tom befuddles us with a blind tasting from the heart of England.

Episode 11

Prost! In this episode the boys get broken by Oktoberfest and try an American IPA from Lidl. Ben goes on a mission to educate us on unfined and unfiltered beer with our friends from Staggeringly Good Brewery. All of this while being a pod brother down!

Episode 10

In this episode we are shuttling back and forth under the channel, sampling the beers of France before popping back to discuss what we love most about British pubs. This episode is as diverse and divisive as an EU summit! Plus ça change!

Episode 9

In this episode we are back in the studio reflecting on the pending brewvolution of low ABV beer. The mood starts chilled; the high brow conversation flowing liberally from Chris, before we ‘recover’ with a tyrant lizard of a 7+ percent Double IPA to equalise our world.

Episode 8

In this special episode the boys visit London to interview Felix; co-founder of Small Beer Brew Co. As Felix talks with passion and immense knowledge about brewing low ABV beer, the boys enjoy quite a few tastings and then confusingly leave feeling absolutely sober. Small beer, huge passion, that’s totally worth a dedicated episode!

Episode 7

In this back to school special episode, the boys divulge their teenage drinking spots and get excited about the Icelandic export market, Chris, Ben and Patrick embark on a Beer Day to the south coast which goes south quickly, and Tom gets his own back.

Episode 6

In this episode, the boys explore a brewery from Somerset and review a beer collaboration with a fancy label, Ben gets drunk on a field assignment and Tom fails to correctly pronounce anything

Episode 5

In this episode, the boys get hold of a home brew kit and give brewing a crack under Patrick’s adult supervision, Tom feels left out, Chris sings Kate Bush songs and Ben hatches a perfect plan for beer festival drinking.

Episode 4

In this episode, the boys present the second half of the Langham Brewery interview, Chris’s work colleague Lovely Graham puts up a beer for review with some divisive seaside accolades and our podcast equipment gets eaten by a dog.

Episode 3

In this episode, the boys are let loose on the road, interviewing Lesley and James from Langham Brewery. Chris is this week’s landlord, with a bit of help from his friend lovely Graham and find out why Tom manages to lose all the moisture in his body…

Episode 2

In this episode, the boys tackle some serious heavy weight questions such as…

what is better, a bottle or a can?

Who would be the perfect celebrity drinking buddy?

And what is Phil Collins doing covered in bubble bath??

Episode 1

We kick off with loads of gear and very little idea.

We talk about the take over of Dark Star Brewery by Fullers.

We drink Kona – Big Wave and Aegir – Little Bro.


Getting you hooked with ‘malt-teasers’ like this…

“Black IPA. That’s definitely something to do with the malts, isn’t it?”